21 Grams 2003: „The earth turned to bring us closer”

21-Grams posterI saw a discution on Facebook last night between several people and one of them said that she liked 21 Grams more than Memento, thing which intrigued me because the second one seemed to be one of the best films I’ve ever seen in recent years. „Armed” with this curiosity, I started to watch the film to see how it is. I honestly do not understand why she did this comparison because I have not noticed the obvious similarities between the two films – except that both have a significant dose of drama.


On the other hand, however, I understood why she liked it so much: because it’s brilliant and there’s no way to not get caught by it, despite the beginning is a bit chaotic (in my opinion), but with time starts to come togheter and each piece falls to perfect place. Even character (somewhat) negative has its own story to tell and his own suffering to endure, so you can’t really hate, but empathize with him. Basically, the movie tells the story of three different people who have no connection with each other, but over time these stories interconnect and reach the climax. It’s a movie about suffering, lots of suffering and remorse.


The actors are sensational, especially Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, but neither Benicio Del Toro can’t be overlooked. Everyone plays at the highest level and convey strong emotions that their characters feels. What else, this is a great movie that puts you into depression. Definitely is worth watching.

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