300: Rise of an Empire 2014 – A poorly made movie

300 rise of an empire posterI was very curious to see the movie „300: Rise of an Empire” and I’ve waited it eagerly, but after I’ve watched it, I was really disappointed. Never thought I would say this a few months ago, but I really didn’t liked this movie. I find it really a stretch , too exaggerated fight scenes , the „blood” is like there are salt water fountains at every step , the soldiers are pathetic… it was like watching a cartoon, not a blockbuster with budget of over 100 million dollars. Sullivan Stapleton, who plays Themistocles, the main character of this film, it does not seem to have the makings of a leader, as was the case in the first part with Gerard Butler.


However, I really liked Eva Green, who plays Artemisia, the commander of the Persian fleet. Not only she is beautiful, but I liked how she did the role. I think she is a perfect actress for this kind of role – dark, tough, mysterious and sensual, when needed. Basically, nearly all action of the film revolves around these two characters, even if, in theory, Artemisia is only a servant of God-King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro).


The idea is interesting, I like this kind of films tremendously, but the way it was implemented is deplorable. The Sea battles are really embarrassing, they handle those ships like I’m playing ETS on my computer. Soldiers jump from heights of 5-10 meters and land as if it had parachutes, without any little flex knees, simply stick to the floor like cats. Too many shots filmed in slow motion – maybe in 3D is catchy, but in 2D it seemed a bit annoying to me.


Anyway, I don’t say to avoid it, because I have seen many people who appreciate it, but I didn’t enjoyed it, so I can’t recommend for viewing neither.

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