47 Ronin 3013: Honor beyond life

47 Ronin posterUsually I don’t watch Asian movies, but when in cast appears an Western actor, like Scott Adkins in Ninja duology or this case, Keanu Reeves, in 47 Ronin, I get over this habit and I play the movie in question. Having missed a long period from the „good people” of cinema world and, meanwhile, made ​​his debut in directing career through the Man of Tai Chi movie, Keanu returns to foreground with the role of Kai, a British child raised among magicians and grown up among the samurais that considers him a monster, a „mongrel” – except for Ako village’s chief and his daughter, Mika.


The film takes place somewhere in feudal Japan, where a group of samurai finds a boy who is believed to be a demon, but their leader sees in his eyes something that the rest can’t see and decide to adopt that child. Even so, he grows as an outcast, all of the samurais misbehave him, except Mika, who eventualy falls for him – a mutual feeling which they can never share because of girl’s higher social rank.


The mature Kai make good deeds and help other Japanese, but his kindness is never acknowledged nor returned, but instead only receives hate and scorn. Finally, when through a diabolical plan the master of samurais is sentenced to death by Sepukku, the other samurais are declared as Ronin (the greatest shame that can support a samurai) and are expelled from Ako, as well as Kai. Although the Emperor forbided them to revenge their master, the samurais pass over his word, and along with Kai who is „reassess”, embark on a quest to avenge the master even if it means they will automatically be sentenced to death by the Emperor for disobedience.


47 Ronin is based on real events, but the story is presented in a little too fantastical way, in my opinion. Being real events, I think they could’ve made the movie a bit more realistic, so it would be much better than is. In any case, it’s a beautiful film about loyalty and honor, love and courage, basic characteristics of Japanese people. Definitely worth to watch it!

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