A Million Ways to Die in the West 2014, new movie review

A Million Ways to Die in the West movie posterIf I was to choose freely a movie, one of the last options would have been „A Million Ways to Die in the West” 2014, but because I won a contest, whose award consisted in a double invitation to this movie, I said to honor it and go to the cinema to see it. Well, although I was very tired because I had slept only 3 hours from the last 30, I laughed at this movie with tears. I’m not really into comedy movies and I am among the few who did not consider the TED movie as a good one, but this is really hilarious.


If I were to make an analogy with football, because we’re in the World Cup period, I could say that Seth MacFarlane is the coach, player, he crosses, he gives the head kick and then withdraw to defend his own goal posts at a penalty shoot. At first it seemed like a bad idea to have Seth in the main role, but ultimately proved to be a good thing because his face helps him to play the role of goofy. I know there are many negative reviews about this movie, and the earnings were not very good because of this too, but I would have regretted if I’d passed that invitation.


If the type of movies with John Wayne made history in cinematography, Seth MacFarlane comes and creates a movie that mocks the whole concept, which I think the American public was a little upset of and started to criticize it without objectivity, and the neutral were influenced by these critics and give up to see it thinking that will assist at a stupidity. To try to give support to my allegation, I’ll give you the example of „Grown Ups 2” movie, one of the biggest disasters I’ve seen last year, which grossed over 245 million dollars!


Returning to this movie, the perfect gunslinger is replaced by MacFarlane with a dumb who is not able to hit any target from 5 inches and hates everything about the Wild West, where death comse from the most silly possible causes – hence the title „A million Ways to Die in the West”. Albert Stark is a poor and cowardly sheep farmer who tries to avoid any possible duels, and when he’s challenged one day to a duel and embarrass himself, his girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) decides to leave him.


Heartbroken, Albert is lucky (or unlucky) to meet Anna (Charlize Theron), the wife of the most feared gunslinger in the area, Clinch (Liam Neeson), newly arrived in the city to hide with her husband’s henchman until he resolves some business around. Anna quickly befriends Albert and teaches him how to shoot the target and to impress his ex-girlfriend, but this (and more) draws the wrath of Clinch who, surprise?!, wants to kill him!


P. S. I really liked the „mustache song”. You can listen here if you do not want to wait to see it in the movie. 😀

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