About Last Night 2014, New Movie Review

About Last Night movie posterPerhaps some people will find this as a racist statement, but I’ve never been a fan of movies with black actors – much less comedy / romance ones. I do not like their concept of humor, although there are a few black actors whom I sympathize very much like Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart. Well, here you have the explanation for which I decided to look though to About Last Night 2014: Kevin Hart. But as we say in my country „you don’t make a spring with just one flower”, so Kevin Hart wasn’t enough to make me consider this movie as a good one.


I finished watching this movie in two days because I did not have the patience to watch it from beginning to end, it’s pretty stupid, with jokes for construction site workers – without having any intent to offend workers. The romance attempts in a movie where the main, secondary and singular topic is s3x, are, in a best-case scenario, clichés. The characters do not transmit anything, they don’t have the chemistry to make you watch them with pleasure and to want them to stay together happily ever after.


Synopsis: About Last Night is African-American version of the film of the same name from 1986 and shows the lives of two best friends who get to hook up the two women who them too are very good friends – hence the endless discussions about s3x. Both women and men talk „About Last Night”. Both sides have one part crazy and eager about s3x, and other quieter rather keen love. While Bernie and Joan have a very tumultuous relationship with heated quarrels and reconciliations, Debbie and Danny are the opposite.

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