Alex Garland Reveals New FX Sci-Fi Series Shooting This Year

No matter the behind the scenes drama that led Paramount to sell most of the international rights of “Annihilation” to Netflix, the early word on the picture is that Alex Garland has delivered the goods yet again. Now, it looks like fans of the director and sci-fi in general, will have even more to look forward to.

Chatting with Fandango, Garland revealed he has a new project brewing at FX, and it sounds like a greatest hits package of his work to date. He cautions that nothing is set in stone just yet, but that it will be an eight-part series that will once again see him dive into the sci-fi genre head first.

“It’s a sort of science fiction, but it’s a much more technology based sci fi whereas ‘Annihilation’ is a more hallucinogenic form of sci fi and more fantastical form of sci fi,” Garland explained. “This is slightly more in common with projects I’ve worked on like ‘Ex Machina‘ or ‘Never Let Me Go,’ which are taking something about our world now — not our world in the future, but our world as it is right now — and then drawing sort of inferences and conclusions from it.”

We already on board with “Alex Garland is making a TV show,” but this sounds right up our alley. The filmmaker says that the show is already written, and he’s going to try and direct all eight episodes if possible. Hopefully a more formal announcement is coming soon, but this is exciting stuff.

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