Arrow, TV Series, season two review

Arrow, season two posterAfter the first half of season two of the TV series Arrow I’ve said that I still like it and it’s still my favorite show, but now that this season has ended I would like to take back the second claim. Overall, after two seasons, yet I can say that is a very good TV show, but I can’t say anymore that it’s my favorite because the second season was not up to the first (I didn’t expect to do it neither). I don’t like that Oliver has repressed his killer instinct and tries to stop the villains by other means than lethal ones, making it much too often awkward. Oliver is good as a super hero, good fighter, but don’t put him to speak.


WARNING! Possible Spoilers!

That love triangle between Oliver, Laurel and Sara, where Felicity gives the impression that it would involve too, it’s so lame and Queen family’s secrets are so absurd that all seem detached from cheap soap operas. Slade Wilson‘s motivation is too weak for such a devastating plot. Even if he loved Shado, he was never with her, on the contrary, he witness somewhat impassive when she make up with Oliver. So, why this sudden desire for revenge after her ​​death? Let’s say I could understand a desire for revenge against Oliver, but to destroy an entire city just to hurt a man is too much.


Malcolm Merlyn‘s motivation to destroy Glades was more justified and plausible than the one of Slade. A Malcolm Merlyn that rises up from the deads and returns to public attention towards the end of the season. Roy’s performance didn’t bring any added value to the show and the one of Sara not only that doesn’t add value to the show but pulls it down too. Sara is the worst character in the entire series. Probably in season three we will find another character who „miraculously” survived on the island and comes to hurt Oliver, or maybe now they will focus more on Sara’s past and Oliver will try to bring her home from League of Assassins. I don’t know what the future holds, but what I know is that this season two is weaker than the first and the series is no longer in the top 3 of my preferences.


However, I can’t conclude this article without remarking Thea Queen. 😀 As much as adorable and innocent she is, as many troubles falls on her head. Everyone lies her, everyone is trying to protect her, but ultimately she ends up suffering the most.

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