Better Living Through Chemistry 2014, Review & Synopsis

Better Living Through the Chemistry movie posterBetter Living Through the Chemistry is a new movie from 2014 which failed to send me nothing but boredom and sleepiness. Maybe I am superficial, but when I choose to watch a movie first I look at the main actors and if I see someone I like then I look at the movie too and in this case I found two actresses who I like: Michelle Monaghan and, especially, Olivia Wilde. I don’t have anything to blame them (neither on Sam Rockwell), but the movie itself was very poor. This movie has been classified in comedy / drama categories, but I haven’t noticed not even a funny scene, at least one, and drama… it could be, but it was not.


Even so, women could draw a life lesson from this movie: If they want to be bossy, to rule the house and to emasculate their spouse, sooner or later they will get to remain single. For a lasting marriage, the woman should be a woman and a man be a man, even if lately seems to be a trend that things to be reversed. When one partner begins to „subdue” the other, it’s an ideal recipe for disaster. Otherwise, there is nothing worthy of being mentioned, it didn’t caught my attention any particular scene or an interesting line.


Synopsis Better Living Through the Chemistry: Sam Rockwell plays Doug Varney, a pharmacist who married with the daughter of the owner of the pharmacy in which he works, Bishop’s, and after his father in law retires from business, the pharmacy remains to him, but without changing the name. Doug is a good guy who is always in the shadow of his wife and his father in law and his son barely notices him. Everything was about to change when he makes a delivery to the home of Jack Roberts and meets his trophy-wife, Elizabeth Roberts (Olivia Wilde), an alluring blonde addicted on pills. Elizabeth seduces Doug, makes him to regain his self-esteem and their relationship is then „spiced” with „cocktails” from drugs he has in the pharmacy, sex, and a possible crime.

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