Big Bad Wolves 2013: Some men are created evil

Big Bad Wolves movie posterWhen Quentin Tarantino says about a movie that is „the best film of the year”, the movie in question certainly arouses the interest of many people – among whom I number myself. You realize that being an Israeli film, Big Bad Wolves in 2013 would have drawn my attention not even in a thousand years, but seeing it is so praised and received several awards, I decided to watch it. Well, the movie is not bad at all, but Tarantino’s statement is certainly a forced one, I think he was trying to be polite or had some sort of interest.


Note is that wolves have nothing to do with this film. The title is inspired by the adapted story of Little Red Riding Hood who is read by the father of a girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered, to the alleged pedophile before he proceeds to torture him. Yeah, basically this is what’s about, about torture, but there are other elements that deserve attention too. From my point of view, this movie looks strikingly loud with „Prisoners”, only that here it is involved in torture a police officer too, who wants to obtain by any means a confession to save his own skin. But still, „Prisoners” remains superior, because this is poorly done, some scenes are downright childish and the tortured guy is not credible.


A series of brutal murders of some girls makes the destinies of three men to link violent. Father of the latest victim, seeking revenge on the man who he believes that killed brutally his daughter, a maverick cop who wants to resolve the case by any means, even those that go beyond the limits of the law, and the main suspect of both „predators” – a teacher who was arrested by police maverick but later released because of the way he was „interrogated”.

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