Brick Mansions 2014, new movie review

Brick Mansions movie posterAs you probably already know, Brick Mansions is the American version of the French Banlieue 13 and is the last movie who Paul Walker led from start to finish before his death occurred on November 30, 2013. The fact that it’s the last movie of Paul Walker is not the only reason that’s worth watching it, although it would have been enough for me. It’s worth watching because it has a lot of action scenes and spectacular parkour. It’s not the kind of movie with a great story and plot twists to blow your mind, but if what you want is action, then Brick Mansions is the right movie!


Along Paul Walker we have David Belle too, who has reprized his role from District 13 and is credited as the founder of the spectacular sport parkour that we get the most in this movie. He’s not a very talented actor, but compensates with tremendous physical qualities. Despite the obvious gaps, I liked Brick Mansions because of the spectaculosity and the intensity with which runs and the dead moments are few and rare, this is, perhaps, because the entire movie takes under 1:30 hours. And because Paul Walker was a big fan of speed, racing cars could not miss from the movie.


Synopsis: Brick Mansions is a Detroit neighborhood where the crime rate has reached alarming levels and because authorities could not cope with it, they built a very high wall around the area to keep people away from the rest of the city. There lives Lino, and an ex-convict who, while trying to live a honest life, always faces problems from the mafia in the area. On the other hand, Damien, is a police department undercover DEA and its main target is a dealer from Brick Mansions, Tremaine (RZA). When Lino’s girlfriend is kidnapped by Tremaine and Damien receives a mission in Brick Mansions, the two came teams up to achieve the common goal.

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