Brick Mansions 2014: One of the Paul Walker’s last movie

Brick Mansions movie posterAfter the tragic death of Paul Walker, I thought that the last film where the beloved actor will appear it would be „Hours” and maybe a few other shots in Fast and Furious 7, but it seems that I was wrong, because at the end of this month we will have another movie in which Paul has the main role: Brick Mansions. From the trailer and some clips that I’ve seen shared on Walker’s Facebook page it seems like a really interesting film to watch, not necessarily for the actor who’s no longer among us.


But even so, surely many people will go to buy tickets for the movie just for the sake of Paul Walker, wanting to see him one more time in action and certainly the profits will be huge for producers… I would like if a part of the profits would go to the foundation that had Paul Walker. It would be a nice gesture from the producers, because if that tragedy wouldn’t occured, I don’t know if the profits would have been as great as it will be now.


This film is a remake of the French „Banlieue 13” (District 13) and the famous Luc Besson contributed to writing the script – which is a guarantee of the film’s quality. And even the director is one that gives us confidence… Camille Delamarre is the one who directed. Delamarre’s CV has some interesting achievements, like Transporter 3, L’ immortel, Colombiana, Lockout or Taken 2. I am very curious, the premises are excellent and can’t wait to watch it.

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