Endless Love 2014: New Movie Review and Synopsis

Endless Love 2014 movie posterEndless Love 2014 is the most sugarly movie I saw this year. So sugarly that after I’ve watched I looked in the fridge for a lemon to pass me the feeling of sweetness. If I see 2-3 new movies (or old) so sugarly (yeah, I like this word :D), I’ll probably get diabetes. For many girls it’s probably a great film, touching them to the full and causing to dream (again) at a Prince Charming, but I thought it was sickening, with texts to impress schoolgirls without ID. Exaggerated many clichés, nothing original, lame situations like; she sees him talking to former girlfriend and has the typical nervous breakdown like he cheated on her with at least half the city. He and she are madly in love and after 2-3 weeks spent together feel like they have found „true love” and are ready to give up anything to be together. Rubbish! On Rotten Tomatoes has the „fabulous” score of 3.9 and 6.3 on IMDb.


The story takes place after the usual pattern; Jade (Gabriella Wilde) is the model girl who comes from a wealthy family and who „loses her mind”, in the sense of her father, when she falls in love almost at first sight of him, David (Alex Pettyfer), the son of an auto mechanic who, despite his remarkable intelligence, doesn’t want to go to college and continue to work in his father’s shop. Because he wants his daughter to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor cardiologist, Jade’s father is doing everything possible to end the relationship between Jade and David, because he believes it distracts and endanger its daughter’s bright future who worked hard for.


Of course this leads to conflicts in the family as her mother suddenly feels inspired by the love story that her daughter lives and is like she would want to be of 18 years again, so she tries to convince her husband to leave the two lovers alone. The situation is complicated even more when Jade had to go to another town to do a training course, but is ready to give it up just to spend time with David, to the dismay of her father.



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