Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

At first, I wanted to see Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) from the theatre, but for reasons beyond me, I have not managed to do that and I delayed watching it until now. How good it was, however, that I didn’t went to the theatre to see it! Unfortunately the movie proved to be a complete waste of my time – and it has a duration of two hours and a half! I resisted to the end just to see how far they can go with stupidity and unfortunately they went further than I would have expected and even the conclusion was awful.Exodus Gods and KingsIt’s true that if you inspire from these biblical stories you don’t have too much space to work with, but it seemed to me absolutely amazing how the Christians’ God is presented as a maniac. After 400 years the Jews were slaves to the Egyptians, God suddenly could not stand anymore and said: “Pharaoh, if you don’t release the Jews from slavery I’m going to kill some innocent animals to make you suffer and see how powerfull I am.” Pharaoh said,”Not impressed. I don’t want to release them!” „Oh yeah?” God said, “Then I’m going to kill some dozens of Egyptians children who doesn’t have even the slightest guilt, including your son.” And then he kills the children. Oh really? Yes, really!


Assuming this were all real, assuming, how can you worship a God who kills innocent children just because their parents are like pigs? How can anyone tell me that religion is full of love and peace when God that they worship is a child killer maniac? There were no other way to release some hundreds of thousands of Jews from slavery than killing innocent children? Well, that I can’t imput to writers or director, it’s not their fault, they had worked with what they had, but still… something to think about it.


Leaving that aside, the movie was boring as hell, with many unexpected flat moments where nothing happens and with simple dialogues to fill the time between those „action” scenes. I expected the motive to be more dramatic, inspirational, to see more heroism and sacrifice, but in the end it was only a banality. From my point of view, this movie falls in the category of the worst movie of 2015 year (even if it’s a part from last year, I now saw it).

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