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Kevin Durand joins Vikings’ season 3

Vikings Logo

For the third season of the hit series from History, „Vikings”, the producers have added new names in the cast. The most important ones are Lothaire Bluteau („The Tudors”), which will play Emperor Charles of France, a strong man who sees the battle against the Vikings as both spiritual and territorial, Kevin Durand („The Strain”) will be „The Wanderer”, a mysterious man who is not what it seems to be, Morgane Polanski („The Ghost”), the elegant, self-possessed daughter of Emperor Charles who serves as a trusted advisor too. They will join Ben Robson („Dracula: […]

Night Train to Lisbon 2013, movie review and synopsis

Night Train to Lisbon Night Train to Lisbon poster movie

The title „Night Train to Lisbon” does not say very much and that is why I avoided watching this movie for a long time, but because I didn’t had any new movies to attract me and I did not wanted to resort to the old ones, it seemed to be a perfect choice. And it did, because it’s just so interesting. The most enjoyable part about it is that it doesn’t give you everything on a platter, leaving you to think and to imagine what will happen or what really happened. There are some lines […]

TV Series Game of Thrones, season 4 review

Game of Thrones TV Series poster

Yet another spectacular season of Game of Thrones series, the fourth, has come to an end. I have said on other occasions, but I’ll repeat it now; it’s awful to wait almost a whole year to get ten episodes – one a week – but because we live in a world where money makes the law, we do not have much choice to make, either we wait a few years until we learn how series ends or we give money on the books. Lots of money! If you have not seen the show at […]

King of Devil’s Island 2010, old movie review

King of Devil's Island movie poster

When I first heard about King of Devil’s Island / Kongen Av Bastøy 2010 I thought it’s going to be a horror movie or at least something with brutal murders, but the reality is quite different. I have seen that it is very praised and often recommended on the Facebook movie groups, so I got curious and looked watched it even though I usually don’t look at movie that speaks a language other than English. Maybe that’s why I can not say that I liked this movie, it seemed rather modest, failed to impress me at […]

Top 10 best movies I’ve seen in 2014

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I first wanted to make a top 5 of the best movies seen by me in the first half of 2014, but I could not choose just five to make a top so I expanded it to 10. ‘Till today, I’ve seen 91 movies and most of them are new ones (the 2013’s movie I’ll put in the new movies category, because they’ve appeared only towards the end of the year) and a few older movies. Among the 91 movies seen so far, 48 have been from 2013, 22 from 2014 and the rest […]

A Million Ways to Die in the West 2014, new movie review

A Million Ways to Die in the West movie poster

If I was to choose freely a movie, one of the last options would have been „A Million Ways to Die in the West” 2014, but because I won a contest, whose award consisted in a double invitation to this movie, I said to honor it and go to the cinema to see it. Well, although I was very tired because I had slept only 3 hours from the last 30, I laughed at this movie with tears. I’m not really into comedy movies and I am among the few who did not consider […]

Philomena 2013, new movie review and synopsis

Philomena movie poster

Only two of the nine movies nominated for an Oscar last year I have not succeded to watch – Inside Llewyn Davis and Philomena, and the latter I managed to see it today. This movie is not only inspired by a true story, but also tells a true story, a detail that contributes more to the emotional impact that it has on the viewer. The story is a dramatic one, but presented in such a way that does not put you into depression and you do not need a pack of wipes. That’s because Philomena (Judi […]

First official trailer for Dumb and Dumber To 2014

Dumb and Dumber To movie pictures

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for the new comedy movie directed by brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly, Dumb and Dumber To 2014, a follow up of the famous movie with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels from the 20 years ago. The two reprise their roles of Lloyd, respective Harry, who embark on a mission to find Harry’s daughter of whose existence he did not knew. Now an adult, Harry’s daughter is attractive enough for that Lloyd arouse feelings of love to her. From my point of view, it is a bit risky […]

Big Bad Wolves 2013: Some men are created evil

Big Bad Wolves movie poster

When Quentin Tarantino says about a movie that is „the best film of the year”, the movie in question certainly arouses the interest of many people – among whom I number myself. You realize that being an Israeli film, Big Bad Wolves in 2013 would have drawn my attention not even in a thousand years, but seeing it is so praised and received several awards, I decided to watch it. Well, the movie is not bad at all, but Tarantino’s statement is certainly a forced one, I think he was trying to be polite […]

Movie Review Vampire Academy 2014: Blood Sisters

Vampire Academy movie poster

You’ll probably gonna think that I’ve lost my mind if I tell you that Vampire Academy 2014 it seemed a fun movie to me, but that’s how it was. It’s a combination of „Harry Potter” and „Twilight”, but without the drama and romance from the second, preferring instead a more or less successful humor. I avoided this movie for a long time because even the tagline that appears on the poster suggests an idiocy: „They suck at school” (a statement that can be interpreted in several ways). I could say lots of bad things […]