Fox Is Already Talking About ‘9-1-1’ Spinoffs, Ryan Murphy Says

Sound the alarm, “9-1-1” fans! Executive producer Ryan Murphy says that he’s already talking to Fox about making a multiple-series franchise of his latest hit drama, which airs its season 1 finale tonight.
“We’re talking about spin-offs already,” Murphy told Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Wednesday.

He also teased some big changes going forward for the emergency medical show, which the network today confirmed has become its highest-rated show. “In the second season, we’re going to add some new cast members,” he said. “We’re going to build out that ‘9-1-1’ world the way we did the first-responder world, so you’ll see some new stars.”And what about Season 1 stars like Angela Bassett, Connie Britton and Peter Krause?

“Connie only has a one-year deal, and she sort of did the first year as a favor to me, but I’m hoping she’ll come back, and I think she wants to because a hit is a hit is a hit,” Murphy said. “I think the world now for actors is you can be in a lot of shows and be working on a lot of things.”

Murphy said the series was originally planned for a launch this September, but Fox network boss Dana Walden worked to bring it to life early.

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