Game of Thrones, Season 4 – in progress

Game of Thrones Season 4 posterI didn’t wanted to watch season 4 of Game of Thrones until the end because I don’t like to wait one week for an episode, but because there are too much fools on the Internet who make spoilers – regardless is we speak about the „ordinary people” from Facebook or „quality” news websites – I said there’s no use to sit and wait until the end because the morons will tell me anyway what happens. Of course, you could say it’s my fault that I read, but I really can’t avoid these things because they fall over me like an avalanche coming from all directions. For example, about the royal wedding event (the Joffrey’s one) has been discussed everywhere and I couldn’t avoid it, no matter how hard I’ve tried.


I’ve even unfollowed the official Facebook page of the series not to receive spoilers in my feed, but was all in vain because still came other morons who told what happened. For this reason I decided to watch the show as soon as the episode appears to not learn from others and see what happens with my own eyes. These first two episodes I have watched didn’t seemed very impressive – lots of talks and few deeds – but I’ll wait, I’m not rushing to judge.



I can say that Joffrey is the most detestable character I’ve ever seen in a movie or show, and I kind of enjoyed his death, but how this death came it seems pretty lame. To kill him by poisoning seems ridiculous. I wished and imagined a more brutal death for him, something like beheading, an arrow in his heart or a sword in the stomach, not poison in his wine (or pie, there’s some controversies around this). I’m curious what will happen next because I don’t know if the endless killings of the key characters it’s really the best approach, especially if we take into consideration that they already announced further extension of the show with at least two seasons. It remains to be seen… I said that when they killed Ned Stark too and the series still enjoys a huge success, breaking audience records.

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