Game of Thrones, season 5: Spain to serve as Dorne

Alcázar of Seville Game of Thrones setsThe U.S. Ambassador to Spain and ex vice-president of HBO, James Costa, confirmed that some scenes from the series Game of Thrones, season 5, will be filmed in Spain. To be more precise, the Alcázar of Seville palace will be presented as Water Gardens of Dorne, where the older brother of Prince Oberyn Martell, Prince Doran, spends his time. Also, it appears that Spain will host filming and scenes of the Sunspear, feud of House Martell. Alcázar was built since 712 as a fortress and 300 years later became the royal residence, so that his election seems to be a more than suitable to represent Dorne. It is the oldest royal palace in Europe which is still in use and was passed in 1987 in the UNESCO world national heritage.


Surely that Spain is more than delighted by this news, as it will beneffit from a huge promotion and will be „invaded” by fans of the show who will want to visit places where was filmed scenes from their favorite series, as happened with Croatia and Northern Ireland. A representative of the palace told CNN „We worked with them (show’s representatives) to put everything in place and we are very pleased with the decision they took. We have extensive experience in this area, here were also filmed in the past scenes for Lawrence of Arabia or Kingdom of Heaven… so we are confident it will be a success for both parties.”


HBO hasn’t yet announced a premiere date for the fifth season of the program.

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