Her 2013, online movie review

her movie posterSince I started to write impressions („reviews” seems a word a bi too pretentious for what I’m doing here) about the movies I watch, I don’t think it ever happened to like a movie so much and be „absorbed” by it in a such of degree that I can’t find the right words to describe this feeling. The „HER” movie touches your soul in a such a manner and reveal some feelings and emotions that you may not even know they exists. The feeling that you have someone, yet you are still alone. You’re so close to someone, but yet so far. Happiness is agonizingly close to you, yet you can’t stretch enough to touch it, to feel it, to really live it.


At first glance it seems a strange movie, a man who writes  heartfelt, intimate letters for people who are unwilling or unable to write letters of a personal nature themselves is going through a painful divorce and becomes a recluse, spending his free time playing video games. One day, he sees an ad about a new launched operating system with artificial intelligence that develops as a human being, can learn and have a dialogue like any other man. You can even choose the voice to be of a woman or a man. Or, as shown in the advertisement, „It’s not just an operating system, it’s a consciousness.” Theodore quickly becomes attracted to Samantha, the voice behind its operating system, and as he spend more and more time with her, he falls for her – and she falls for him. While his mind tells him that Samantha is just an operating system and nothing more, his heart perceive things in a completely and totally different way.


The acting of Joaquin Phoenix in the film is quite impressive. Any medium or good actor can convey emotions when he’s having another person in his front, but to talk in the abstract and yet convey so much emotion and passion, just brilliant actors can do. Definitely worth all the Oscar nominees and, in my opinion, even some statues too.

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