House of Cards, TV series

House of Cards posterI’ve heard many good things about House of Cards, but I’ve never dared to give it a try to impress me ’till now. Seeing that it has fewer episodes per season and really wanted to watch a show, I decided to see how it is and why he’s so appreciated. And now I understand why! Like Vikings, it succeded to catch me and make me want to see several episodes in a single day, not just one per week.


As I perceive backstage and politic games, I think the plot of this serie fits in an overwhelming proportion with reality. It is said that life beats film, and maybe it’s true, but the way that Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey‘s character, handle people and things is really amazing. And since I’ve mentioned Underwood, well, he is the main character of the series and the „first violin”. Having contributed to the presidential election of the new president and instead he had to get a job as Secretary of State, the deal is not honored after elections because the President tells him that he needs him more in Congress than in the White House.


Well, from here starts the game… Angry that he was cheated, Frank doesn’t show this and doesn’t make a scandal, but start working thoroughly at a demolition plan, piece by piece, of the „wall” that was placed before his goals and now aims more higher than the original post. And because in politics the image and public perception is extremely important, Frank ally (actually, more correctly is „use”) with a young journalist girl eager to stand out and it gives her background information to be used in his political game and her career as a journalist too.


Very important in this equation is the individual from the right in the poster above, because he is the one who put into practice most of the plans designed by Frank and does his dirty job. Basically, he is a pawn sent into battle and if he can’t break through by itself, then comes „the king” and solve the case. I think it’s a great show and worth watching, especially since it’s short and doesn’t take you very much to complete.

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