I, Frankenstein 2014: A movie that was better not to be made

I-Frankenstein posterDespite all the positive feedback from my friends, this movie did not impressed me at all. The beggining is good and promising, but after like 15 minutes or so the movie gets very boring and you start to wonder if this is a low budget movie or not. The movie has some scenes very similar to other movies from his range, you know what I mean – castles and stuff – and I am so sick of movies that pick old stories like Dracula and give them a new view to make them more pleasant for the eyes.


The battle is taking place in some sort of cheap castle and this Frankenstein is trapped between the 2 great powers of the world, the good and the evil, and tho he wants the good to prevail his dark part is pulling him to the edge and leads to an interior conflict, but you will see more in the movie so I don’t want to make any spoilers! What can I say? It’s a really crappy movie and you don’t wanna spend your money or time for it…

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