I miss Dr. House!

House posterUnlike the endings of artistic films, when your favorite show ends you feel a huge regret in your heart that you’ll not gonna see your most loved characters, characters with whom you’ve spent hours and days on a row – sometimes even years. Even if the actors appear in other films / shows is not the same as his character in that show. For example, I can’t imagine Michael C. Hall in a different role than that of Dexter. The same thing can be said about Hugh Laurie as Dr. House… I know him as Dr. House and the rest does’t interest me.


I started to watch House when already had 6 series, so this series I’ve covered a few months and then, the next ones, I had to wait one week for each episode separately or even several months when was the break between series, which was awful – I hate to wait! When he arrived, finally, at the end I felt a deep regret, as I had lost a good friend. It may seem a bit exaggerated, but it is not. Who watched this exceptionally show surely understand what I feel.


You can’t not to love and not get attached to this fabulous character named Gregory House. Many times I wanted to watch again the entire series from the beginning, but I dropped the idea because it seemed weird to see something whose outcome I already know and I feared that I’ll spoil the magic of the show. Maybe in a few years, many years, when I’ll forget the details, I’ll get to see him again, to remind myself of this wonderful character.


If you are passionate of shows (and you should be since you are on this site) and you haven’t watched this show, then you have lived in vain. Just kidding, of course. Anyway, go find this awesome show and watch it because worth’s every moment.

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