JOE 2013, New Movie Review

Joe 2013 movie posterNicolas Cage has become lately a kind of Adam Sandler; His mere presence in the cast is a negative vote for the movie in question, but comes from time to time one like JOE 2013 that raises the level again and it reminds us that he’s one of the greatest actors of the world and Oscar awarded. I knew about this movie for a long time, but I thought ’till now that it is not worth to pay attention… Well, I was wrong and the movie proved to be quite interesting, but not only because of Cage but especially because of the kid Tye Sheridan, who was a pleasant surprise for me.


The movie is not overflowing with action and not very alert, it even runs pretty slow, but the emphasis is more on the characters, their feelings and emotions. Joe is a somewhat enigmatic guy whose only real responsibility seems to be his fighting dog (by the way, it’s a great scene involving the dog in the second half of the movie) but when he’s approached by a kid who request a job, Joe remains impressed by his desire to work and to do something good with his life.


Somewhat seeing himself in this child, Joe not only offers him a job, but takes him under his wing, especially after discovering that Gary, as the boy’s called, has family problems caused by his abusive father who’s drinking even the money he doesn’t have and beats the boy to take his hard-worked money. Already gone through prison for assaulting a police officer and threatened that’s going to be again incarcerated if he’s making another wrong step, Joe risks his own freedom and even life for the child to have a better future.


After all, JOE is a movie about people. You look at the movie and you realize that something like this can happen anywhere in the world, even in your neighborhood. There are plenty of promising youngsters who are destroyed by the one close to them and nobody does anything. If we remove our head from our own ass and we do not look with indifference at others’ problems, we can create a little better world.

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