King of Devil’s Island 2010, old movie review

King of Devil's Island movie posterWhen I first heard about King of Devil’s Island / Kongen Av Bastøy 2010 I thought it’s going to be a horror movie or at least something with brutal murders, but the reality is quite different. I have seen that it is very praised and often recommended on the Facebook movie groups, so I got curious and looked watched it even though I usually don’t look at movie that speaks a language other than English. Maybe that’s why I can not say that I liked this movie, it seemed rather modest, failed to impress me at all, and the actors are unfamiliar and unpleasant to me.


Devil’s Island is actually Bastøy Island where is the prison with the same name and where  juveniles that committed various offenses were incarcerated. They had to choose between doing real jail or coming to Bastøy, a rehabilitation center for minors. The problem is that rehabilitation was done in some very harsh conditions and penalties for disobedience were terrible. No one managed to escape from the rehabilitation center ever, but that does not impress at all to Erling, the newcomer who has not even the slightest intention to remain there until the center managers decide that he’s worthy to return into society.


Strict discipline and hard work are not the only details that turn up the heat in a icy place, but also the physical and mental abuse from those who are supposed to handle their education and from there to the uprising there is only one step. I would have liked a little detailing on Erling’s past, to know him better, but even the trailer tells us that this is not allowed. „No matter the past, no matter the future. The only thing that matters is the present!”

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