La Vie en Rose 2007, old movie review

La vie en rose 2007 movie posterFrench movies are the only European movies that I watch with interest and high expectations on their part, that’s because most of the ones I’ve seen so far I liked very much, despite the fact that I do not like French language. A girl raised in poor conditions who gets to sing on street corners to earn some food money is getting at maturity one of the most famous French singers in history: Édith Piaf. Her story tells us director Olivier Dahan through the „La vie en rose 2007” (La Môme) movie, double Oscar winner – one got by Marion Cotillard for Best Actress and one for makeup.


I didn’t knew too many details about the movie before watching because I like to be surprised when I watch a movi … The fact that Marion Cotillard (an actress who stayed in my heart after I saw her in „Love me if you dare”) received an Oscar for her performance in this movie was enough to convince me it’s worth watching. And, indeed, her performance is an exceptional one prize won is totally deserved. For a Frenchwoman to win highest award of the American Academy she must be really sensational, and Marion really is!


On her real name Édith Giovanna Gassion, Édith Piaf spent part of her childhood in the brothel run by her grandmother, and then was taken by her father who worked as a circus acrobat. Once on the streets, she discovers her talent as a singer after being forced to come up with something to complete a number of aerobatics of her father and interpret the anthem of France, mesmerizing the audience. After several years of singing on street corners to earn money for food and knew every stage of depravity, she is discovered accidentally by Louis Leplée (Gérard Depardieu), the owner of the cabaret „Le Gerny’s” from the „Champs-Élysées” which invites to give a performance at his cabaret and then gives her the stage name „Piaf” (sparrow).


P. S. I think there’s no need to tell you that we have a great soundtrack in this movie.

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