Labor Day 2013, Movie Review & Synopsis

Labor Day 2013 Movie PosterI don’t know exactly what made me to watch the movie Labor Day 2013, but now I’m sorry I did it. I have not even the excuse of sympathetic actors, because Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet are not among my favorites. Even so, despite all „ods”, I decided to watch it to see how it is and the conclusion is just one: A waste of my pretious time. It would have been better for me to go to sleep the two-hour duration of the movie, I would have been more relaxed like I was after watching this crap of a movie.


The story is centered on Adele Wheeler and her 13-years-old son, Henry. Because of a tragedy that occurred some time ago, Adele has isolated herself from the world and was later dumped by her husband, leaving her to take care on Henry alone. Seeing her always sad and mournful, Henry tries to fill the absence of a man in the house and give back his mother’s zest for life, but he has lots of difficulties in doing this.


One day, in one of the rare occasions when he’s out on shopping with his mother, Henry and Adele are approached by a wounded man who, hinting that he would hurt the kid if she do not cooperate, asks the woman to drive him to her house to hide away from police for a few hours. Those few hours turns into a few days since there’s the Labor Day Weekend and no train travels. Later, Henry and Adele finds out that the man from their house is named Frank Chambers and is an inmate convicted for murder who escaped from prison, but his gentle behavior towards them makes them appreciate him and, finally, Adele falls in love for him. But because harboring a fugitive is a criminal offense…

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