Memories of a Geisha 2005, old movie review

Memories of a Geisha movie posterEven if it is not full of typical American cliches, Memories of a Geisha 2005 remains, however, a chick flick. It was a bit interesting to watch, but I didn’t particularly liked, I didn’t managed to „connect” with any character, not even with the girl from the main role. If I had to characterize it by a simple onomatopoeia, that it would be „meh.” I wonder how anyone could be attracted to such a Geisha with tons of makeup on their face and their way of walking is simply ridiculous. Yes, it will catch my attention such a girl, but not a appreciative one…


The movie tells the story of a poor girl who was sold along with her big sister by her own family to a geisha house. Although presented as artists, geisha are more like luxury escorts, but who starts to sell only their company and entertainer skills, while making at the same time a game of seduction with rich men to bid at the right time for their virginity. After that, geishas seeks a „Danna”, a sponsor to sustain over a long period of time in exchange or their services. The problem is that geisha have many rules to follow and very many restrictions and their life practic no longer belongs the them, they are just shadows.



What I consider to be exaggerated in the story and even disgusting at times, is that the kid was first time a slave, everyone misbehave with her and one day, on a bridge, she is seen by a man who buys her an iced sorbet and gives her his handkerchief with some money in it to cheer her up. The 9-10-years-old child was so impressed by the kindness of the man that has come to love him and use that money for a prayer… that some day she will meet him again and be a part of his life. Yes, yes. To be with him! At nine (9) years! Ok, let’s say a child can be so naive as to make all sorts of ideas, but the man in question send an experienced Geisha to take her under her wing and after the kid reaches the desired Geisha, after many other difficulties and obstacles, gets to make up with her… To synthesize, he bought a child (without her knowing) to „have it” when she becomes mature. Bleach! It would be normal, if you want the take care of a child’s future, to develop paternal feelings not otherwise.


Anyway… it’s not a movie for my taste. I’m curious if there are boys / men who loved movie, to be impressed it… Is there? Leave a comment, or two, or three…

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