Michael Hirst offered details about „Vikings” season 3

Ragnar, Lagertha and Bjorn in BattleWith the end of the second season of „Vikings” , it seems that Ragnar Lothbrook will finally have the peace on which he wishes for, now that he killed his two main viking enemies, Earl Borg and King Horik. With those men out of the way, his deal of peace he wants to conclude with the King Ecbert of Wessex can be done without any difficulties from other Vikings. But of course peace will not last forever in the Kattegat. In an interview given to zap2it.com, the creator of „Vikings” series, Michael Hirst, discussed the about the opposition that Ragnar will encounter in the third season of the show.


„As we could see from episode 2 of season 2, if he would like to be, or if it was always meant to be, King Ecbert would be a formidable opponent for Ragnar. It is a man with a similar intelligence to Ragnar and a great strategist. We’ll have to see what will happen in the future because now they seem to have the same agenda… but they really have the same agenda?” Also, Hirst said that Ragnar will have to defend his north supremacy too because „once you become a King, you  inevitably become a target and it is possible for someone to stand out and to threat the supremacy of Ragnar’s kingdom.”


Even if the possibility of a new Viking to oppose Ragnar is interesting, it’s all setting the table for the main course: „We’re building up to the big raid on Paris. It’s not just a raid. It’s also a siege.” Hirst did not want to give too many details about the invasion of Paris and said only that it will be a huge step forward for the series. „Of course, with the invasion of Paris, the King of France could become an important enemy for Ragnar.”

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