Movie Review “Angel-A” 2005, by Luc Besson

Angel A movie posterI didn’t kept an accurate record, but I think in this half-year of 2014 I broke my personal record of movies where the spoken language is other than English for an entire year. I do not know what’s wrong with me, because I usually avoid these movies, but just in this month I have seen five such movies and still have another one „on target”. The latest one is a French one, named Angel-A 2005, which convinced me to watch it because it is written and directed by Luc Besson, a very good director/screenwriter. I had no idea about this movie, but I saw that someone recommended on a Facebook group and even if it is filmed in black and white I can say that I really liked.


The movie is largely a comedy one, but has some interesting life lessons too in it. Andre is an inept scam artist who came to Paris to make some easy money, but ends up in debt to many bad people that threatens to beat or even him if doesn’t pay his debts. With the deadline approaching fast and without any idea of how to get such a big amount of money in time to pay off his debts, he reaches the end of patience and is found close to throwing off the bridge into the River Seine.


Being on that bridge, he sees a beautiful blonde near him who too wants to throw herself out from there. Andre tries to convince her that is pitty that beautiful a girl like her to commit suicide, but she doesn’t listen and jumps off the bridge. Without a second to think about it, Andre jumps after her and saves her from death, but in the end she will be one that will truly save him. Presenting herself as Angela, she tries to help him escape from the debt and to discover himself.


The movie is very good and very funny, just towards the end it becomes a bit more serious. The characters are very cute and I wonder why Rie Rasmussen has disappeared from the „landscape” after starring in this movie, because I liked her. It was worth the one and a half from my time to see it.

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