Movie Review Atonement 2007

Atonement movie posterA few weeks ago I began a „mission” to see all the movies of James McAvoy, so now it was the turn of Atonement. I knew about this movie for a long time, but I’ve never wanted to press „play” because it didn’t aroused my curiosity very much, but as I was on this mission, I watched to see how it is. Now that I’ve seen, I can say I was wrong that I didn’t watched it earlier because it’s very good, especially towards the end… The fact that alongside McAvoy is Keira Knightley it was a welcomed bonus because I like very much this actress. Is not that she’s the most beautiful or most talented actress of all but she has a special charm that can not be explained in words.


Atonement is the kind of movie that pleases the critics and general public at the same time: it won a lot of awards and has received many other nominations, while managing to raise 100 million dollars over the budget it had. At first I didn’t understand what’s so special about it and it seemed a bit dull, but over time it started to become more interesting, and the ending… the ending is one that deserves to be discovered watching the movie. The story takes place over several decades, starting a few years before the beginning of the World War II.


Briony Tallis, a girl at age 13, with a very rich imagination (at this age she wrote her first play), has a crush on a boy older than her, Robbie, but he is in love with her ​​sister, Cecilia. Upset on the relationship of the two, Briony takes advantage of a misadventure to accuse Robbie of something that he didn’t do and somehow everyone believes the kid, and because of this invention their lives is ruined, including hers. Put in a position to choose between the army and prison, Robbie choose the first option and get to fight in the war. Crushed by remorse and the fact that she destroyed her sister’s life, Briony seeks a form of penance in order to somehow fix her mistake.


If I say that the soundtrack is an exceptional one, you may believe that I’m saying this from complaisance because exactly for this reason Dario Marianelli received an Oscar, but it is not. The soundtrack is awesome, especially because of the typewriter keys. The pace of those keyboards stays in your mind long after the end of the movie, it’s superb! The sets and the landscapes of the first half are wonderful and the acting of the two (even three if we count the kid, Saoirse Ronan) is great. Definitely a movie to see!

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