Movie Review RoboCop 2014: We have the future under control

RoboCopI saw the original series of RoboCop on TV when I was a child and I didn’t had the patience to watch it again, so I do not remember much of it to make comparisons, but this remake from 2014 it was very good and I think they will make a sequel. It’s good to have a „human robot” available to solve difficult cases which is offered and to arrest villains, but when he starts to make decisions by himself and begins to solve cases that no one else wants and has no interest to solve, the problems starts for everybody.


The role of policeman turned into robot, Alex Murphy, went to Joel Kinnaman, an actor of who I didn’t hear too much, but I don’t think they needed a big star to perform this role given that in the most parts of the film we see only his face. Murphy’s transformation into robot comes when some people are trying to stop his investigation of a mobster who has connections even to the police station he works and the only way they can do it is to kill him. Meanwhile, the corporation OmniCorp strives to convince the American people and politicians to allow replacement of conventional policemen with robots, but it hits the refusal of both parties.


Raymond Sellars, OmniCorp’s CEO asks Dr. Dennett Norton to create a robot with human consciousness and Alex Murphy gets the ideal candidate for this experiment, being a family man and a very appreciated policeman fallen on duty. To turn Alex into a robot, Dennett needs permission from Alex’s wife, Clara (Abbie Cornish, the beautiful face that could not miss from this film neither), who gives her consent after receiving assurances from the doctor that it will not be affected his emotions, that Alex will be the same in terms of personality. After Alex is completely transformed into robot, a question arises: who’s in control? Man or machine?

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