Movie Review Vampire Academy 2014: Blood Sisters

Vampire Academy movie posterYou’ll probably gonna think that I’ve lost my mind if I tell you that Vampire Academy 2014 it seemed a fun movie to me, but that’s how it was. 😀 It’s a combination of „Harry Potter” and „Twilight”, but without the drama and romance from the second, preferring instead a more or less successful humor. I avoided this movie for a long time because even the tagline that appears on the poster suggests an idiocy: „They suck at school” (a statement that can be interpreted in several ways). I could say lots of bad things about this film because I can have the argument of bad scores on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes, but I prefer to be honest and assume the potential apostrophize that I would appreciate bad movies.


So, watching the movie with preconceived idea of ​„let’s see what stupidity have made these guys”, I surprised myself at the end in a pretty good mood, a sign that it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Of course it is not a „cultural masterpiece”, as some ironically said that this is how „Twilight” looks besides this, but I thought it was nice. I do not regret the time wasted watching it. The combination of morois, strigois, magic, dhampirs and others, there is confusing at a time, but after you start to catch the thread of events it becomes pretty enjoyable to watch.


Dhampirs are half-vampire and half-human, who trains at the St. Vladimir Academy to become guardians of the morois – good vampires living in harmony among people and drink blood only from donors. In addition, morois have the ability to control one of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Their biggest enemies are strigois, those evil vampires who kill for blood. Because they are kind of the nerds of the Vampires, morois can not defend themselves from the strigois, so in the equation are involved dhampirs to protect them. The film is mainly about the Moroi’s princess, Vasilisa Dragomir (Lucy Fry), the last of her kind, and her guardian, who’s her best friend too, Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), with which has a special and indestructible bond. Vasilisa is special because she can control many elements and is therefore a living target.


You should be aware of an important detail before you watch or not this movie; it’s with and about teenagers, the target audience are, exactly, you guessed it, youngs. I have seen that the people who commented bad on Rotten Tomatoes about this film have passed the early youth (based on their profile pictures), which says quite a lot. Not that the young people were very excited about it, since it was a big flop at the box office, but I think it is worth a viewing.

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