My Life Without Me 2003, movie review

My Life Without Me movie posterI don’t know how I found out about the movie My Life Without Me, but the fact is that his premise immediately intrigued me and I decided to give him a chance. It was not what I expected, but it was interesting. A 23-years-old girl who lives with her ​​husband and her two daughters in a trailer from the yard of her mother, receives the terrible news that she has a tumor and will live only two to three months. Upon hearing such news, most people would do anything to find a solution to overcome the disease or at least prolong life as much as possible using various treatments. Well, not her!


She received the news with a certain serenity, as it would be no problem she would die soon, and decides not to tell anyone that she’s sick, and instead making up a list of 10 things to do before she dies. However, this list isn’t something like that of „A Walk to Remember” or „The Bucket List”, she is not going to make some eccentricity in her last days of life or to visit different places on the planet, but wants to ensure that her life will continue after she dies.


She wants to ensure that her family will be happy after she dies, but also makes a gesture that I dob’t understand. Since she married with her first boyfriend and had a child very early in her life, she was forced to grow up too quickly, so that in her last weeks of life wants to have an affair with another man to see how it is. In fact, she wants to make him fall in love with her. That I didn’t understand it because, if you’re going to die, why make someone to fall in love and suffer for you? It seemed to me that this is selfish and unfair.


In any case, I like the idea of ​​knowing with a few months before you die, so you can put things in order before you disappear from the planet. I really liked the atmosphere of this movie, how it was filmed, that camera shake, from this point of view is a bit like „La Vie d’Adele”. I can’t say that I was very moved or impressed with this movie, but I liked it and the lead actress was really cute. The film has 7.6 on IMDb and 6.3 on RottenTomatoes. I think it’s worth seeing it.

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