Mystic River 2003: Highly overrated

Mystic River posterI started this week just as I’ve finished the previous one: watching a movie in which the protagonist is Sean Penn. Funny thing is that this movie is also from 2003 and has lots of nominations (and even two Oscars conquered) like 21 Grams. I’m talking about Mystic River from which Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Tim Robbins, „fighted” for the award of Best Actor in a Supporting Role with Benicio Del Toro from the 21 Grams movie. From my point of view, Sean Penn had a much better role in 21 Grams than this and I think it deserved an Oscar for that one, but after all, it doesn’t matter that, the statue it’s important.


Mystic River seems much overrated, and I think this is due to the director, Clint Eastwood. It is a drama / mystery like many others, with a common plot (the daughter of an ex-con is murdered and he seeks to make the criminal pay for this crime in his way, not the police one) and rather predictable. WARNING! SPOILER! To give an argument why it seemed predictable, well, not because I guessed who the killer is, but I was sure that the one who everyone blames IS NOT THE KILLER. This happens in most films.


The only problem is that in this case, the innocent is killed for nothing – ironically, the innocent, the one who kills him and the policeman who investigates the murder of the girl, are childhood friends, but who estranged themselves over time. Perhaps this relationship had a great impact over critics. Why he had to invent a problem when could simply tell what happened to avoid doubts from those close to him? And when they all accuse him that killed the girl and that is lying about what happened, he could simply say „come on, bastards, let’s show you the body of the pedophile to see that I’m not lying”, instead he continued with aberrations. Lame! It’s a good movie, not boring, but as I said above, is far overrated and many illogical stuff happens.

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