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Labor Day 2013, Movie Review & Synopsis

Labor Day 2013 Movie Poster

I don’t know exactly what made me to watch the movie Labor Day 2013, but now I’m sorry I did it. I have not even the excuse of sympathetic actors, because Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet are not among my favorites. Even so, despite all „ods”, I decided to watch it to see how it is and the conclusion is just one: A waste of my pretious time. It would have been better for me to go to sleep the two-hour duration of the movie, I would have been more relaxed like I was after […]

Non-Stop 2014, New Movie Review & Synopsis

Non Stop movie poster

I would have thought that a movie who takes place almost exclusively inside an airplane could be so exciting like Non-Stop 2014. I was pleasantly surprised to see „Peter Russo” (Corey Stoll), from the House of Cards series, among Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore and as soon as I laid my eyes on him I suspected him to be the villain of the movie… whether I was right or wrong in suspecting him you’ll see watching the movie. Of course, if you have not watched House of Cards you’ll not know who Russo is so that […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014, New Movie Review

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 movie poster

In the last year, I’ve made ​​a habit for myself that when I watch a movie I’m already thinking about what to write after is finished. In X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 I didn’t had time to do it because I was too focused on the movie that I couldn’t think of anything else – something that few movies succeed to do it. Many people say this is the best movie from X-Men series, and I have no reason to argue this (not that I want to).   Even if Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is […]

Police Story 2013, Review and Synopsis

Police Story 2013 new movie poster

I have not seen for a long time a movie with Jackie Chan, the latter being the Karate Kid, where he teaches Will Smith’s kid karate, so Police Story 2013 (there are some versions from the 80’s – 90’s) seemed to be a good opportunity to see him again. Well, I was wrong! It was not a good opportunity because it’s a poor movie and it was better to pick something older to see Jackie again. However, I chose a new movie to see him in the present day, how’s he doing now that […]

Endless Love 2014: New Movie Review and Synopsis

Endless Love 2014 movie poster

Endless Love 2014 is the most sugarly movie I saw this year. So sugarly that after I’ve watched I looked in the fridge for a lemon to pass me the feeling of sweetness. If I see 2-3 new movies (or old) so sugarly (yeah, I like this word :D), I’ll probably get diabetes. For many girls it’s probably a great film, touching them to the full and causing to dream (again) at a Prince Charming, but I thought it was sickening, with texts to impress schoolgirls without ID. Exaggerated many clichés, nothing original, lame situations like; […]

Better Living Through Chemistry 2014, Review & Synopsis

Better Living Through the Chemistry movie poster

Better Living Through the Chemistry is a new movie from 2014 which failed to send me nothing but boredom and sleepiness. Maybe I am superficial, but when I choose to watch a movie first I look at the main actors and if I see someone I like then I look at the movie too and in this case I found two actresses who I like: Michelle Monaghan and, especially, Olivia Wilde. I don’t have anything to blame them (neither on Sam Rockwell), but the movie itself was very poor. This movie has been classified in comedy / drama categories, […]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 2014, new movie review

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit new movie poster

I finally managed to see the newest movie of Chris Pine and Keira Knightley, „Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” 2014. At first glance it seems a rather simplistic movie and much different from what I thought it would be. The trailer is much more interesting and more spectacular than the movie itself. The movie is inanimate and a bit boring at the times, addressing eternal story that Americans are the good guys and Russians the bad guys, the war is not classic but a financial one, Chris Pine is the rough diamond and Keira Knightley the […]

Barefoot 2014, new movie review

New Online movies poster Barefoot

I decided to watch this new movie Barefoot 2014 just because it had the lowest duration of all the new movies that I had and to my surprise it turned out to be a superb one. The main actors (Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman) are total unfamilliar to me, even if it seems to have played in some very good films over time, but probably they had minor roles and I didn’t spotted them in those films, even if I’ve watched it. In any case, I liked them and they were quite nice. I find that Scott […]

Grand Piano 2013: An unplayable piece and an unseenable movie

Grand Piano movie poster

After nearly 24 hours after viewing, I’m still thinking what was in my mind to watch such a movie as Grand Piano. The only good thing about this film is that it doesn’t last too long, about an hour and 20 minutes, of which about ten minutes takes the intro. Except some beautiful music pieces, this movie has nothing interesting to be worth watching, and the end is one of an extreme ridiculous.   Elijah Wood plays Tom Selznick, a talented pianist who tries to return to the spotlight after a five-year break due to misinterpretation […]

3 Days to Kill 2014, online movie review

3 Days To Kill movie poster

After I’ve seen some bad or very bad movies in recent weeks, 3 Days to Kill has proven to be one of the best movies I’ve seen from 2014. It’s a movie that has everything to satisfy the widest possible range of people, from action to comedy, from drama to romance or car chases to beautiful women. Kevin Costner‘s character is very interesting and funny. The father-daughter scenes are delicious and how Costner’s character combines profesional life with the family one is great. Amber Heard plays her role of femme fatale pretty well and Hailee […]