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Movie Review: That Awkward Moment 2014

That Awkward Moment movie poster

That Awkward Moment is a movie that you watch it and realize that you already know it’s evolution even if you’ve never seen it before. It’s very predictable and doesn’t come with anything new, a lot of scenes you’ve seen before in other movies and bad jokes that doesn’t make you laugh anymore. It’s a film that can be easily placed in the same category as The To Do List, the subject is about the same (sex), just that it’s a little more funny, has a higher dose of romance and the actors are more […]

The Monuments Men 2014, online movie review

The Monuments Men movie poster

The first thing that stands out in The Monuments Men is the exceptional cast, but unfortunately this is the first and last thing, because besides the actors has nothing special. The story seemed interesting, but the realization was a poor to very poor one and I’ve made great efforts to not fall asleep on this movie. The action is slow, has not even a little suspense, the humor is missing and the drama too (even if two people die, doesn’t impress at all), it’s simply some people who go from one place to another to […]

Movie Review, Pompeii 2014: Death is the only freedom

Pompeii movie poster

Boys and girls from Game of Thrones have hit the jackpot at Hollywood with this series, because now they are casted in lots of movies, especially the one from the „Lannister” family. I saw Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in at least 3 movies since he started the show, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) I saw it in Dom Hemingway and about Cersei (Lena Headey) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) it doesn’t need to mention. Now, thanks to Pompeii, it’s „Jon Snow”’s turn (Kit Harington) to stand out. Pompeii is the third movie I’ve watched this year with gladiators, […]

Review The To Do List 2013: „Not on the back ‘door’!”

The To Do List movie poster

The To Do List is a B category movie that, even though you know it’s stupid, you watch it and you find yourself laughing. The cast of this film includes two actors from Hart of Dixie series, George and Zoe (Scott Porter and Rachel Bilson). The subject is very „hot” especially among teenagers: the s3x! Or, more specifically, the loss of virginity. If usually in this kind of movies we have boys as the main protagonists, this time it’s about a girl who must pass the „litmus test” of adolescence.   Brandy is a […]

Movie Review RoboCop 2014: We have the future under control

RoboCop movie poster

I saw the original series of RoboCop on TV when I was a child and I didn’t had the patience to watch it again, so I do not remember much of it to make comparisons, but this remake from 2014 it was very good and I think they will make a sequel. It’s good to have a „human robot” available to solve difficult cases which is offered and to arrest villains, but when he starts to make decisions by himself and begins to solve cases that no one else wants and has no interest […]

Movie Review Pacific Rim 2013: The Ring of Fire

Pacific Rim movie poster

I saw „Pacific Rim” a few months ago and it seemed to me one of the best sci-fi movie I’ve seen in recent years. I don’t know why this film received so much negative reviews from my friends, because it is very good for its genere. If you go to see it with the thought that you’ll follow a particular story or whatnot pleasantries or realism, it is your fault, not the movie.   As someone said on a site when it was released „This is much like of ‘pac-pac and boom-boom’ movie”. And […]

Movie Review Tokarev 2014: The Wrath of Nicolas Cage

Tokarev movie poster

The film’s title „Tokarev” is taken from a gun designed by Russian Fiodor Vasilievich Tokarev for the Red Army in the ’30s. This gun has a very important role in the movie equation, but of course I will not tell you what it is not to make spoilers. It’s a film that doesn’t stands out with anything spectacular, a movie with a plot that I have seen on many other occasions, with other actors and other directors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad movie… it’s just a copy with a few […]

About Time 2013, online movie review

About Time movie poster

„About Time” approaches a topic that every man has dreamed at least once in a lifetime: time travel. What human being would not ever wished he could go back in time to change some nonsense that he made or do some things that had let them slip away by the fear of making mistakes? Well, Tim, the hero of this film, finds out on a good day from his father that the men of their kind have always had the ability to travel back in time and this ability has transferred to him.   The first thing […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014, online movie review

Captain America The Winter Soldier movie poster

Not many times it happens that a movie sequel to be better than the first one, but this is obvious when it comes to „Captain America”​​. „The Winter Soldier” is better than „The First Avenger” on all counts and the fact that Scarlett Johansson is the protagonist of so many scenes for me is a bonus that I gladly received. It was a true delight to see Scarlett so close to me, in 3D. Action scenes are great and about Sebastian Stan, „The Winter Soldier”, I think we’ll hear more great things in the future […]

Instructions not included / No se Aceptan Devoluciones 2013, online movie review

No se Aceptan Devoluciones movie poster

I must admit that I have some misconceptions when it comes to movies in Spanish language and therefore I avoided a while to watch Instructions not included / No is Aceptan Devoluciones. When I hear people from movies that are speaking in Spanish, I immediately think of soap operas and my mood to watch it vanishes. Well, this time I must confess that I was wrong, because this is not even close from a soap opera and is a very nice movie, very funny (I laughed a lot) and touching, even dramatic on the […]