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The Monuments Men 2014, online movie review

The Monuments Men movie poster

The first thing that stands out in The Monuments Men is the exceptional cast, but unfortunately this is the first and last thing, because besides the actors has nothing special.

Movie Review, Pompeii 2014: Death is the only freedom

Pompeii movie poster

Now, thanks to Pompeii, it’s „Jon Snow”’s turn (Kit Harington) to stand out. Pompeii is the third movie I’ve watched this year with gladiators, Spartans,

Review The To Do List 2013: „Not on the back ‘door’!”

The To Do List movie poster

The To Do List is a B category movie that, even though you know it’s stupid, you watch it and you find yourself laughing. The cast of this film includes two actors from Hart of Dixie series,

Movie Review RoboCop 2014: We have the future under control

RoboCop movie poster

I saw the original series of RoboCop on TV when I was a child and I didn’t had the patience to watch it again, so I do not remember much of it to make comparisons

Movie Review Pacific Rim 2013: The Ring of Fire

Pacific Rim movie poster

I saw „Pacific Rim” a few months ago and it seemed to me one of the best sci-fi movie I’ve seen in recent years. I don’t know why this film received so much

Movie Review Tokarev 2014: The Wrath of Nicolas Cage

Tokarev movie poster

The film’s title „Tokarev” is taken from a gun designed by Russian Fiodor Vasilievich Tokarev for the Red Army in the ’30s. This gun has a very important role

About Time 2013, online movie review

About Time movie poster

„About Time” approaches a topic that every man has dreamed at least once in a lifetime: time travel. What human being would not ever wished he could

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014, online movie review

Captain America The Winter Soldier movie poster

Not many times it happens that a movie sequel to be better than the first one, but this is obvious when it comes to „Captain America”​​. „The Winter Soldier” is better than „The First Avenger”

Instructions not included / No se Aceptan Devoluciones 2013, online movie review

No se Aceptan Devoluciones movie poster

I must admit that I have some misconceptions when it comes to movies in Spanish language and therefore I avoided a while to watch Instructions not included / No is Aceptan Devoluciones.

Closed Circuit 2013, online movie review

Closed Circuit movie poster

A powerful explosion produced into a crowded market from London take lives of 120 people and after an anonymous tip the police immediately arrests a citizen of Turkish