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The Book Thief 2013, online movie review

the book thief movie poster

Last night, after a period of delays, I checked the movie The Book Thief into my „watched movies” list. Reading about it before, I expected to be a little different, especially that the plot of the movie takes place in the time when Germans were in the full process of eradicating the Jews. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, because it would be unfair to say that, but I was thinking about something else than what happened in the movie. It’s amazing how, in those terrible times, a girl is risking her life […]

Her 2013, online movie review

her movie poster

Since I started to write impressions („reviews” seems a word a bi too pretentious for what I’m doing here) about the movies I watch, I don’t think it ever happened to like a movie so much and be „absorbed” by it in a such of degree that I can’t find the right words to describe this feeling. The „HER” movie touches your soul in a such a manner and reveal some feelings and emotions that you may not even know they exists. The feeling that you have someone, yet you are still alone. You’re […]

Blue Is the Warmest Colour / La vie d’Adèle 2013, online movie review

La Vie dAdele poster

I’ve started watching „Blue Is The Warmest Colour / La vie d’ Adèle” because of a dispute I had with someone a few weeks ago, but I managed to get to the end only because of the girl, Adèle. The film itself doesn’t seemed something extraordinary, and so-called explicit sex scenes are not that explicit like some people lamenting, about 3 sex scenes of which only one is a longer and more explicit one, the rest is dust in the wind, but Adèle’s interpretation and naturalness are overwhelming. I loved that kiddo, how she […]

Thor: The Dark World, online movie review

Thor The Dark World poster

One of the most unpleasant feelings when it comes to movies is when you’re waiting eagerly for months to see a film and when you finally get to watch it, gives you the impression that you’ve waited in vain, because the quality of the film is one at least questionable – if not worse. Something like this is Thor: The Dark World. Not a bad movie, but did not live upto expectations – at least mine. Some scenes from the film (most of the action and fighting ones) were more suited for a movie […]

Homefront 2013, online movie review

homefront poster

Even if it’s somewhat a typical Jason Statham movie, I think „Homefront” it’s his best film from 2013 – the others being „Parker” and „Hummingbird / Redemption”. Unlike the other two, here we have a villain famous too (in the name of James Franco), not just a leading role. This time Jason is not that cold-blooded killer or fighter for justice, but a DEA agent who worked undercover and helped to arrest a big drug lord named Danny T., but that operation went terribly wrong and he quits his job because of this unfortunate […]

Winter’s Tale 2014, online movie review

Winters Tale poster

The first part of „Winter’s Tale” is similar in some way with „A Walk to Remember” – in both we have a dying girl, a bad boy who is „tamed” by the girl and both are trying to meet the girl’s all desires before she dies. Unlike „A Walk to Remember”, „Winter’s Tale” is too fancy and too ridiculous for my taste, so it failed to arouse much emotion in me. I would be tempted to say it’s a bad movie, but I will limit myself to saying that this movie it doesn’t address […]

Filth 2013: Some cops plays dirty

filth poster

Starting today I declare myself a big fan of Scottish actor James McAvoy! I haven’t seen to many movies with him, compared to other actors, but the ones I’ve seen I liked very much and FILTH was by far the best one in the last few years! You may argue that „X-Men” serie is better than this, but there he is not the main character… His performance in „Trance” was great, but the one from „Filth” surpasses all expectations. In fact, the film itself surpasses all expectations, it is exceptionally done and the story […]

Veronica Mars, private eye

Veronica Mars movie poster

The fact that a movie was made as a sequel to a TV Serie – Veronica Mars, in this case – it gives me big hopes about the possibility of a sequel for Dexter too, because I didn’t liked at all how they concluded that show. Maybe someday, smehow, they will decide to make a sequel for Dexter or even House M.D.! Anyawy, returning to Veronica, I knew about the existence of this show, but I never had the curiosity to watch it, so I didn’t knew what to expect from this movie.   […]

47 Ronin 3013: Honor beyond life

47 Ronin poster

Usually I don’t watch Asian movies, but when in cast appears an Western actor, like Scott Adkins in Ninja duology or this case, Keanu Reeves, in 47 Ronin, I get over this habit and I play the movie in question. Having missed a long period from the „good people” of cinema world and, meanwhile, made ​​his debut in directing career through the Man of Tai Chi movie, Keanu returns to foreground with the role of Kai, a British child raised among magicians and grown up among the samurais that considers him a monster, a […]

Snowpiercer 2013 – The train of life

Snowpiercer poster

Looking at the poster of Snowpiercer I had the feeling that it’s an asian movie and I was willing to overlook it, because I don’t really enjoy Asian films, but after I’ve read a bit about it, because it was praised by people, I’ve seen that the main role belongs to Chris Evans, „Captain America”! Passed over the first impression, I wanted to see the movie and my conclusion is more inclined towards the negative than the positive one. Many have asked, „Why a train?” Well, I think that because it was perhaps the only […]