Night Train to Lisbon 2013, movie review and synopsis

Night Train to Lisbon Night Train to Lisbon poster movieThe title „Night Train to Lisbon” does not say very much and that is why I avoided watching this movie for a long time, but because I didn’t had any new movies to attract me and I did not wanted to resort to the old ones, it seemed to be a perfect choice. And it did, because it’s just so interesting. The most enjoyable part about it is that it doesn’t give you everything on a platter, leaving you to think and to imagine what will happen or what really happened. There are some lines that obsesses the main character (played excellently by Jeremy Irons) and it remains to you, the viewer, in mind. A short line which I liked a lot is: „When dictatorship is a fact, the revolution is a duty!”


Irons plays a Swiss teacher who saves a young girl to commit a suicide and then takes her to the school where he teaches. Shortly after arriving at school, the girl leaves in the middle the class and he goes after her to return her coat that she left behind, but doesn’t find her anymore. Seeking in her coat pockets to find out who the girl is, he discovers a book written by Amadeu de Prado. Raimund then goes to the library to learn more about the book and the librarian there says he sold that book to a very troubled young girl.


Leafing through the book, falls from it a train ticket to Lisbon who’s departing in 15 minutes. Raimund hurries to the station hoping he will find the girl there, but without any success. He then board the train, basically giving up on his boring and solitary life to find her, but as he continue to read the book and being completely absorbed by the words of the author, his journey turns into a mission to find the writer. Arriving in Portugal, Raimund discovers that the book was written by a doctor with poetry valence who was part of the resistance against the fascists and then the movie depicts moments from the writer’s life who’s story complees now, in the present day, along with the almost obsessive search of Raimund.


Well, I really liked this movie and the young writer’s speech from the church it seemed brilliant to me. I like his concept of life, death, divine and eternal. It is not a love story as I wrongly thought at first, but a movie that gives you to think. And really manage to do that.

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