Noah 2014, new movie review and synopsis

Noah movie posterRegardless of the criticism it has received so far and seem it will receive more in the future this film, in my opinion, Noah 2014 was not a bad film at all, on the contrary, it seemed really good. I have nothing to do with religion, the Bible and stuff like that, so it seems ridiculous to me to criticize Arnofosky’s fiction just because it doesn’t comply with the fiction that tells you, the believer, that book with a cross on it. Ultimately, this is a sci-fi movie, not documentary (it wouldn’t have what to document neither since the events never held), so I do not see why people are so fiercely.


You can dislike this movie, but if you can not find another defect besides the fact that the story of the film does not follow the „reality” then the problem is yours, not Arnofosky’s! I admit, even I was expecting to watch a bad movie, I was emotionally prepared for it, but I’m glad that was not the case. There seemed to me a bit too cool the Noah character, played by Russell Crowe, I did not expected to be so much warlike, and when I saw those stone giants I was immediately thinking at the cartoon that I watched in childhood: Pokemon! I didn’t liked too much this thing with giants, but it seems that they are mentioned in the Bible too, so… Arnofosky worked with the „client’s material”.


Also, a character kills at least one horse from the animals on the ark (there are a few other creatures too, but I didn’t paid atention which was it), and if those were the only specimens of that species, why did those species disappeared forever? Another logical fracture is related to the multiplication of all species; if only people left on earth was Noah’s family, it means that we are all the descendants of Noah. It means that in the beginning of mankind, incest was a commonplace, right? If so, why is it stigmatized nowadays? However, these logic fractures can not be imputed to Arnofosky, he relies more on the Bible.


Well, I liked the movie and it should give to think to those who judge other people and are forgetting to judge themselves. How good are in reality the good people? They are good only because they haven’t been placed in tough situations and they didn’t needed to show the negative side of them or they retains their moral integrity no matter what? I do not know if we are really a plague on the planet, but we certainly are a burden. We are the only species that kills for fun and we exploit nature more than we need to survive. It’s a good movie that lets you think about many things and sends some interesting messages. I think it is worth a look, if not at the cinema at least at home. Actors’ performances are very good, especially Jennifer Conelly’s. Emma Watson… I never liked her, I found no reasons to like her now. Too bad that Sir. Anthony Hopkins did not have a more consistent role, it seemed very interesting his character.

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