Non-Stop 2014, New Movie Review & Synopsis

Non Stop movie posterI would have thought that a movie who takes place almost exclusively inside an airplane could be so exciting like Non-Stop 2014. I was pleasantly surprised to see „Peter Russo” (Corey Stoll), from the House of Cards series, among Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore and as soon as I laid my eyes on him I suspected him to be the villain of the movie… whether I was right or wrong in suspecting him you’ll see watching the movie. 😛 Of course, if you have not watched House of Cards you’ll not know who Russo is so that when you will see in the movie you’ll not recognize him and you’ll not know who I mean unless you search his name on Google.


The story revolves around Bill Marks, an air marshal with a very tumultuous life, who fell in lust for alcohol, who starts receiving messages from an anonymous on his service phone during an transatlantic flight New York – London and is threatened to kill a passenger on every 20 minutes unless it is transferred the amount of 150 million dollars into a bank account. The problem is that the account was opened on his name, so everyone thinks that Bill is the one who actually hijacked the plane. With limited space to work, Marks has to face doubts from the other participants in flight to save both the plane and passengers, but his own public reputation too.


Non-Stop 2014 is a very interesting thriller and quite unexpected, at least for me. Although I saw it on a very late hour, I did not bored not even a bit and I wasn’t visited at all by „Mr. Sandman” during viewing it. Liam Neeson has, as usual, a very good performance. I think it is worth a look, it’s not a waste of time.

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