Oculus 2013, New Movie Review

Oculus movie posterAs you’ve probably noticed already (or you can see if you take a look through the archive of this blog) I have not written too much about horror movies and this not because I do not like them (this too, but not only), but because most of the new movies from this genere seem very bad and I dropped the idea to bother with them hoping that I’ll find something interesting. However, because I have not seen for a long time a horror movie, I decided last night to watch Oculus 2013, a paranormal movie that „borrows” some elements from „Mirrors” – this is because here too we have an evil mirror.


After you watch this movie, you begin to see with new eyes the mirror from the bathroom or your living room. 😀 There’s not too much of evil looking silhouettes to give you some cold shivers down your spine when you see them, but even so, the movie is well done and induce a state of tension, making you think that at any moment will occur something that will make your heart jump out of your chest. I was not scared at all in this film, but this is also because I made a habit for myself that when I feel there’s some tension and at any time can occur a loud sound or a creapy image to scare me, I direct my attention to something else – like watching the clock. There were a few times when I felt the need to direct my attention to something else, which, to me, means that the movie was good.


The events from this movie unfolds in two different time zones and images go from past to present several times and give new clues to complete the final story of the two siblings who, as children, have witnessed some terrible events that have taken protagonists on their parents because of which the youngest was hospitalized several years at a psychiatric hospital. Calvary began, as usual, when the family moves into a new house and bring with them a mirror in which dwells an ancient evil spirit that takes possession on persons from a certain coverage area, causing them to commit things or even suicide.


To prove that the events from their childhood were caused by the mirror, about 10 years ago, Kaylie follows the path of that mirror to put her hand on it and bring it back to that house. She surrounds the mirror with multiple cameras and tries to prove that inside of it is an evil spirit that caused the tragedy in her family. Just released from the psychiatric hospital, her brother, Tim, is trying to convince his sister that everything is only in her mind and what happened then was because of their father.

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