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Movie Review “Angel-A” 2005, by Luc Besson

Angel A movie poster

Online movie reviews. The latest one is a French one, named Angel-A 2005, which convinced me to watch it because it is written and directed by Luc Besson

Memories of a Geisha 2005, old movie review

Memories of a Geisha movie poster

Old movie review online. Even if it is not full of typical American cliches, Memories of a Geisha 2005 remains, however, a chick flick. It was a bit interesting to watch, but I didn’t particularly liked

La Vie en Rose 2007, old movie review

La vie en rose 2007 movie poster

Online movie review. Édith Piaf. Her story tells us director Olivier Dahan through the „La vie en rose 2007” (La Môme) movie, double Oscar winner – one got by Marion Cotillard

Four Brothers 2005, movie review and synopsis

Four Brothers movie poster

Online Movie Review. I really do not remember seeing a movie with Mark Wahlberg that I can say about it that is bad, and Four Brothers 2005 makes no discordant note.

King of Devil’s Island 2010, old movie review

King of Devil's Island movie poster

Online Movie Reviews. When I first heard about King of Devil’s Island / Kongen Av Bastøy 2010 I thought it’s going to be a horror movie or at least something with brutal murders, but the reality is quite different.

Valkyrie 2008, old movie review

valkyrie 2008 movie poster

New Online Movie Reviews, Valkyrie 2008. Because this movie has Tom Cruise in the lead role and it’s subject is WWII: yes, I’m talking about Valkyrie 2008.

The Last Station 2009, Review and Synopsis

The Last Station movie poster

New Movie Online Reviews 2014. I went to „The Last Station” , a biopic movie about the life of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. As much as I’d like to say it was a great movie

My Life Without Me 2003, movie review

My Life Without Me movie poster

I don’t know how I found out about the movie My Life Without Me, but the fact is that his premise immediately intrigued me and I decided to give him a chance.

The Last Samurai 2003, movie review

The Last Samurai movie poster

Movie Review The Last Samurai. At the insistence of a „friendly ghost” I took a break from the new movies and I decided to watch an older movie The Last Samurai.

Movie Review Atonement 2007

Atonement movie poster

A few weeks ago I began a „mission” to see all the movies of James McAvoy, so now it was the turn of Atonement. I knew about this movie for a long time,