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Movie review Mr. Pip 2012: Fiction can be dangerous in times of war

Mr Pip movie poster

I’ve watched Mr. Pip movie just because one of the protagonists is Hugh Laurie, my favorite actor from the TV series House MD. I really missed Dr. House and when I saw that he appears in a movie I enjoyed very much. The film premiered at the International Film Festival in Toronto, 2012 edition, but premiered in the theaters at the end of 2013. I saw it now, in 2014, and as much as I want to say that I liked, for Hugh’s sake, it’s not really the case. Not a bad film, but I […]

Downfall / Der Untergang 2004: Hitler’s last days

downfall movie poster

„In this kind of war there are no civilians. If the war is lost, then it is of no concern to me if the people perish in it. I still would not shed a single tear for them; because they did not deserve any better.” This is how Hitler justified his decision to not surrender to the Russians, even if that means the loss of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of civilian lives – women, children and elderly. Der Untergang is one of the best films about the WW II, having scenes of extreme […]

Serendipity 2001, online movie review

Serendipity movie poster

I saw on a Facebook group that someone recommended the movie „Serendipity” and first thing that drew my attention was the weird word (I didn’t knew what it means until I’ve watched the movie) and then when I came to Google to see what it’s all about, I discovered that the main protagonists are John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale (an actress that I love), so I immediately bought the film to watch. I’ve watched it on a late night without having any special holds on him, just wanting to see Kate in a different […]

Anchorman 1 and 2 – The Legend of Ron Burgundy, online movie review

Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy

These days I felt the need for a little fun to forget some stuff that occurred so I choosed to see two comedy movies. In fact, two parts of the same movie: Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Seeing them both one after the other, not ten years distance  , I was surprised by two things in particular: how little the actors have changed in these ten years that passed from the first movie to the other and that Veronica Corningstone, the one that makes a hard time for Ron Burgundy, is played […]

Into the Wild 2007, online movie review

Into the Wild poster

More than a month ago, a friend told me to watch the movie „Into the Wild”, inspired by true events, and I promised that I’ll do it, but I’ve postponed for a long time. Well, today has come „the day” and I’ve made time for watching it. I usually don’t take into consideration the recommendations from other people, because most of them seems to be bad and I regret that I’ve lost my time, but there are some exceptions too that I make. The story of this movie is very interesting, but it’s not […]

Mystic River 2003: Highly overrated

Mystic River poster

I started this week just as I’ve finished the previous one: watching a movie in which the protagonist is Sean Penn. Funny thing is that this movie is also from 2003 and has lots of nominations (and even two Oscars conquered) like 21 Grams. I’m talking about Mystic River from which Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Tim Robbins, „fighted” for the award of Best Actor in a Supporting Role with Benicio Del Toro from the 21 Grams movie. From my point of view, Sean Penn had […]

21 Grams 2003: „The earth turned to bring us closer”

21-Grams poster

I saw a discution on Facebook last night between several people and one of them said that she liked 21 Grams more than Memento, thing which intrigued me because the second one seemed to be one of the best films I’ve ever seen in recent years. „Armed” with this curiosity, I started to watch the film to see how it is. I honestly do not understand why she did this comparison because I have not noticed the obvious similarities between the two films – except that both have a significant dose of drama.   […]