Vikings TV show, season 1

Vikings poster

About Vikings, the History Channel’s TV show, I think that is an awesome one, very tough, but some of the details are a bit exaggerated and the events pass very quickly from one point to another. They cover a too long time in a few tens of minutes or from one episode to the next. A good example to understand what I mean, insignificant in evolution of the show, not to make spoilers, but very suggestive, is the appearance of the monk that Ragnar takes it „prisoner”: in one episode his face is shaved […]

300: Rise of an Empire 2014 – A poorly made movie

300 rise of an empire poster

I was very curious to see the movie „300: Rise of an Empire” and I’ve waited it eagerly, but after I’ve watched it, I was really disappointed. Never thought I would say this a few months ago, but I really didn’t liked this movie. I find it really a stretch , too exaggerated fight scenes , the „blood” is like there are salt water fountains at every step , the soldiers are pathetic… it was like watching a cartoon, not a blockbuster with budget of over 100 million dollars. Sullivan Stapleton, who plays Themistocles, […]

21 Grams 2003: „The earth turned to bring us closer”

21-Grams poster

I saw a discution on Facebook last night between several people and one of them said that she liked 21 Grams more than Memento, thing which intrigued me because the second one seemed to be one of the best films I’ve ever seen in recent years. „Armed” with this curiosity, I started to watch the film to see how it is. I honestly do not understand why she did this comparison because I have not noticed the obvious similarities between the two films – except that both have a significant dose of drama.   […]

True Detective 2014: A brilliant show to watch

True-detective poster

When you look at the cast of a movie or show and you see there names like Matthew McConaughey, the newly Oscar winner, Woody Harrelson, another great actor in Hollywood, Michelle Monaghan, actress who has appeared in a lot of good movies like Source Code, Eagle Eye and Mission: Impossible, and a personal crush, Alexandra Daddario, surely you can’t stay indifferent and soon you make time to watch it. About True Detective I’ve heard even before the pilot was out and I’ve said that I would see it no matter what.   The downside to […]

I, Frankenstein 2014: A movie that was better not to be made

I-Frankenstein poster

Despite all the positive feedback from my friends, this movie did not impressed me at all. The beggining is good and promising, but after like 15 minutes or so the movie gets very boring and you start to wonder if this is a low budget movie or not. The movie has some scenes very similar to other movies from his range, you know what I mean – castles and stuff – and I am so sick of movies that pick old stories like Dracula and give them a new view to make them more […]