X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014, New Movie Review

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 movie poster

New Movie Review X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014. In the last year I’ve made ​​a habit for myself when I watch a movie I’m already thinking about what to write after is finished. In X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014.

Penny Dreadful 2014, new TV Series review

Penny Dreadful tv series poster

Penny Dreadful new TV Series online review. That is when I went on a website subtitles and saw Eva Green on the Penny Dreadful TV Series poster I imediatly went to watch it

Police Story 2013, Review and Synopsis

Police Story 2013 new movie poster

New Movies online Reviews 2014. I have not seen for a long time a movie with Jackie Chan, the latter being the Karate Kid, where he teaches Will Smith’s kid karate, so Police Story 2013

Endless Love 2014: New Movie Review and Synopsis

Endless Love 2014 movie poster

New Movies online reviews 2014. Endless Love 2014 is the most sugarly movie I saw this year. So sugarly that after I’ve watched I looked in the fridge for a lemon to pass me the feeling of sweet.

My Life Without Me 2003, movie review

My Life Without Me movie poster

I don’t know how I found out about the movie My Life Without Me, but the fact is that his premise immediately intrigued me and I decided to give him a chance.

Vikings, TV Series, season two review

Vikings tv series season two poster

Before the season two of the Vikings series I’ve complained that I read some information about the true Ragnar Lodbrok and learned some things that I thought would spoil watching the show, but this never happened after all.

Better Living Through Chemistry 2014, Review & Synopsis

Better Living Through the Chemistry movie poster

New Movies online Review. Better Living Through the Chemistry is a new movie from 2014 which failed to send me nothing but boredom and sleepiness.

Deliver Us From Evil 2014: Official Trailer and Synopsis

Deliver Us From Evil 2014 movie poster

Screen Gems released a few days ago a second trailer for the new movie thriller / supernatural directed by Derrickson „Deliver Us from Evil 2014”

Arrow, TV Series, season two review

Arrow, season two poster

Arrow New TV Series online review. After the first half of season two of the TV series Arrow I’ve said that I still like it and it’s still my favorite show, but now that this season has ended I would like

The Last Samurai 2003, movie review

The Last Samurai movie poster

Movie Review The Last Samurai. At the insistence of a „friendly ghost” I took a break from the new movies and I decided to watch an older movie The Last Samurai.