Instructions not included / No se Aceptan Devoluciones 2013, online movie review

No se Aceptan Devoluciones movie poster

I must admit that I have some misconceptions when it comes to movies in Spanish language and therefore I avoided a while to watch Instructions not included / No is Aceptan Devoluciones. When I hear people from movies that are speaking in Spanish, I immediately think of soap operas and my mood to watch it vanishes. Well, this time I must confess that I was wrong, because this is not even close from a soap opera and is a very nice movie, very funny (I laughed a lot) and touching, even dramatic on the […]

Closed Circuit 2013, online movie review

Closed Circuit movie poster

A powerful explosion produced into a crowded market from London take lives of 120 people and after an anonymous tip, the police immediately arrests a citizen of Turkish origin named Farroukh Erdogan, who is then accused of leading a terrorist cell responsible for producing the market bombing. Needing a scapegoat, because the rest of the accomplices could not be captured alive, the process is extremely important and delicate because if some of the evidence will be made ​​public it could jeopardize the national security, so that Erdogan must be defended by two separate lawyers – […]

Carrie 2013, online movie review

Carrie movie poster

Apart from the final sequences, „Carrie” did not seemed to be a horror movie at all, but I liked how the story was made. Until the end it seemed a normal movie with a teenager tormented by her mother to live a sinless life, which has transformed her in the target of colleague bullies and freak of the high school, because of the way she’s dressed and because she doesn’t talk to nobody more than the bare necessities. Her mother is so religious (I would say crazy) that does not allow the girl to do anything […]

Runner Runner 2013, online movie review

Runner Runner movie poster

„Runner Runner” seemed a very promising movie, with quite interesting actors (although I’m not a fan of Justin Timberlake) and a good story, but after all it was a little disappointing. It’s not the kind of movie to remember long after viewing and to want to see it again after a while. It doesn’t stands out with anything and doesn’t leave anything behind except what we all already know: money makes the law! As long as you pay the right men you don’t have any problem, but when, however, those men starts to get greedy, the beautiful dream […]

Suits, season 3 review

suits tv show poster

In my opinion, Suits is a show with huge potential, but who was spoiled by producers (and they shall do it further). You can’t make a show and interrupt it in the mid-season to continue after a few months, it’s simply a mockery because you forget much of the events that keeps you on that typical state of excitement. If only there were more episodes per season, like 40-50, I can understand to break it into two pieces, but when you have just 16 episodes in a season is foolish to interrupt at the ten episode and […]

The Immigrant 2013, online movie review

The Immigrant movie poster

Ever since I first saw her in „Love me if you dare”, Marion Cotillard‘s face remained imprinted in my mind and even though she has known success with roles from more prestigious films (got an Oscar for her role in „La vie en rose”), for me that movie remains a big milestone. Seeing her face on the poster of „The Immigrant”, alongside of Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner, obviously there was no way to remain impassive and immediately I took the time to watch it. This is the kind of movie made ​​for festivals […]

The Legend of Hercules 2014, online movie review

The Legend of Hercules movie poster

I honestly don’t know what was in the minds of those who were involved in the production of „The Legend of Hercules” (probably not much since they changed the initial title) because its plot is more suitable for Spartacus than Hercules. If we exclude those two pathetic scenes where he shows his God force – when he’s chained and scourged and when he turns his sword into an electric whip due to lightning sent by Zeus – we have a perfect unfolding of events for a Spartacus movie, from beginning ’till end. Moreover, to put on Kellan […]

Game of Thrones, Season 4 – in progress

Game of Thrones Season 4 poster

I didn’t wanted to watch season 4 of Game of Thrones until the end because I don’t like to wait one week for an episode, but because there are too much fools on the Internet who make spoilers – regardless is we speak about the „ordinary people” from Facebook or „quality” news websites – I said there’s no use to sit and wait until the end because the morons will tell me anyway what happens. Of course, you could say it’s my fault that I read, but I really can’t avoid these things because they […]

Ride Along 2014, online movie review

Ride Along movie poster

Usually I’m not really into comedy movies because I am by nature harder to amuse and most of the films from this genre seem to me like some craps that more pisses me off than to make me laugh. Well, the movie Ride Along I can’t introduce in this category because it seemed pretty ok for its genre – action / comedy. I can’t say that I laughed out loud or I laughed throughout the entire movie, but there were some scenes that were able to „steal” some smiles from me, which was ok, […]

Serendipity 2001, online movie review

Serendipity movie poster

I saw on a Facebook group that someone recommended the movie „Serendipity” and first thing that drew my attention was the weird word (I didn’t knew what it means until I’ve watched the movie) and then when I came to Google to see what it’s all about, I discovered that the main protagonists are John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale (an actress that I love), so I immediately bought the film to watch. I’ve watched it on a late night without having any special holds on him, just wanting to see Kate in a different […]