Dallas Buyers Club 2013, online movie review

Dallas Buyers Club movie poster

I was saying the other day about „Out of the Furnace” that is a good movie, but adversely affected by the poor promotion. Well, today I saw an excellent movie with an even weaker promotion, even if both protagonists won the Oscar award. It’s about Dallas Buyers Club, and the main protagonists, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, suffered some incredible physical transformations – especially the last one. The story is real (it has already become a habit), about Ron Woodroof (McConaughey), a homophobic cowboy, drug and alcohol addict, who is diagnosed with AIDS (the disease […]

Rush 2013, online movie review

Rush moview poster

I’m not a Formula 1 fan, or racings in general, but the movie „Rush” is really impressive and I’m glad I have the opportunity lately to write only praising words about the movies I watch. The film is magnificent not because is having a lot of action on the track, spectacular racings or accidents (although there are a few of them too), but because of Niki Lauda and James Hunt, the two pilots whose rivalry represented the „main event” for years in the „big circus”.   James Hunt is a great pilot, but a […]

Out of the Furnace, online movie review

Out of the Furnace movie poster

„Out of the Furnace” is a movie which, for some reasons, didn’t benefited from a very good publicity, or at least I haven’t heard anything about it before I saw the subtitle on a specialized website, but it’s unexpectedly good – even if it’s starring Christian Bale, a great actor, and you’d think that a movie where he plays it couldn’t be anything but good. Well, I didn’t expected before to be that good than it is. In the cast we also find other interesting names, with prestige, like Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker, Casey […]

Brick Mansions 2014: One of the Paul Walker’s last movie

Brick Mansions movie poster

After the tragic death of Paul Walker, I thought that the last film where the beloved actor will appear it would be „Hours” and maybe a few other shots in Fast and Furious 7, but it seems that I was wrong, because at the end of this month we will have another movie in which Paul has the main role: Brick Mansions. From the trailer and some clips that I’ve seen shared on Walker’s Facebook page it seems like a really interesting film to watch, not necessarily for the actor who’s no longer among […]

Anchorman 1 and 2 – The Legend of Ron Burgundy, online movie review

Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy

These days I felt the need for a little fun to forget some stuff that occurred so I choosed to see two comedy movies. In fact, two parts of the same movie: Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Seeing them both one after the other, not ten years distance  , I was surprised by two things in particular: how little the actors have changed in these ten years that passed from the first movie to the other and that Veronica Corningstone, the one that makes a hard time for Ron Burgundy, is played […]

The Book Thief 2013, online movie review

the book thief movie poster

Last night, after a period of delays, I checked the movie The Book Thief into my „watched movies” list. Reading about it before, I expected to be a little different, especially that the plot of the movie takes place in the time when Germans were in the full process of eradicating the Jews. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, because it would be unfair to say that, but I was thinking about something else than what happened in the movie. It’s amazing how, in those terrible times, a girl is risking her life […]

Her 2013, online movie review

her movie poster

Since I started to write impressions („reviews” seems a word a bi too pretentious for what I’m doing here) about the movies I watch, I don’t think it ever happened to like a movie so much and be „absorbed” by it in a such of degree that I can’t find the right words to describe this feeling. The „HER” movie touches your soul in a such a manner and reveal some feelings and emotions that you may not even know they exists. The feeling that you have someone, yet you are still alone. You’re […]

Blue Is the Warmest Colour / La vie d’Adèle 2013, online movie review

La Vie dAdele poster

I’ve started watching „Blue Is The Warmest Colour / La vie d’ Adèle” because of a dispute I had with someone a few weeks ago, but I managed to get to the end only because of the girl, Adèle. The film itself doesn’t seemed something extraordinary, and so-called explicit sex scenes are not that explicit like some people lamenting, about 3 sex scenes of which only one is a longer and more explicit one, the rest is dust in the wind, but Adèle’s interpretation and naturalness are overwhelming. I loved that kiddo, how she […]

Into the Wild 2007, online movie review

Into the Wild poster

More than a month ago, a friend told me to watch the movie „Into the Wild”, inspired by true events, and I promised that I’ll do it, but I’ve postponed for a long time. Well, today has come „the day” and I’ve made time for watching it. I usually don’t take into consideration the recommendations from other people, because most of them seems to be bad and I regret that I’ve lost my time, but there are some exceptions too that I make. The story of this movie is very interesting, but it’s not […]

Thor: The Dark World, online movie review

Thor The Dark World poster

One of the most unpleasant feelings when it comes to movies is when you’re waiting eagerly for months to see a film and when you finally get to watch it, gives you the impression that you’ve waited in vain, because the quality of the film is one at least questionable – if not worse. Something like this is Thor: The Dark World. Not a bad movie, but did not live upto expectations – at least mine. Some scenes from the film (most of the action and fighting ones) were more suited for a movie […]