Penny Dreadful 2014, new TV Series review

Penny Dreadful tv series posterI’ve said it on other occasions too, no matter how shallow it sounds, to me it matters a lot what actors are playing into a particular movie or TV Show when I choose to watch it. If I don’t like the actors it is possible to avoid that movie/series for a long period of time, unless I recieve some recommendations from acquaintances. That is when I went on a subtitles website and saw Eva Green on the Penny Dreadful TV Series’ poster and I imediatly went to watch it without read any further details or watch any trailer.


There was no little my surprise when I saw that the show is a horror, with vampires and demons, with legendary characters like Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein or Mina Harker from Dracula. After the first two episodes I’ve seen, I’m simply impressed by this series! Is exactly my type! I am convinced that this is not a show for everyone (and I don’t mean that it would be something so sophisticated that only few can understand, but simply is a genre that does not attract a lot of the general public), but I like it!


Eva Green fits perfectly in this series, as if she was born to play these roles. I do not think there is any other more suitable actress than her to appear in the show. She plays Vanessa Ives, a mysterious woman who go and hire a talented gunslinger named Ethan Chandler to make some „night work” and then presents him to Sir Malcolm Murray, the father of a girl who was kidnapped recently. With no idea what this work is, he nevertheless accepts and they all go into a vampire nest to find the girl.

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