Penny Dreadful, renewed for season two

Penny Dreadful Eva Green posterI told you that Penny Dreadful is a great TV show and as proof to that, after only 4 episodes passed from it, those from Showtime’s already agreed to extend by a further minimum of one season and plan to add more episodes in season 2. This first season has only 8 episodes but those from Showtime ordered the second season to have 10. About the plot of this story I wrote in this article, there’s no point to repeat now what I said then, but the news that we’ll going to have a season two I must admit that I enjoyed very much.


At the moment I’m up to date with this show and events are more interesting with each passing episode. At the end of each episode something spectacular happens that leaves you shocked – resembling a bit in this aspect with Game of Thrones. Sure, it’s early to compare it to Game of Thrones, barely past 4 episodes, it still has a lot to prove before they reach at the level of HBO’s production, but there’s hope.


The decision to extend the series for another season was extremely simple and logical for Showtime Networks’ CEO, David Nevins, as Penny Dreadful attracted a very wide audience every episode, becoming the most watched debut series from the network’s history. Having in central roles names like Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green or Harry Treadaway, Penny Dreadful enjoys great success outside America too, being among the most watched programs on Sky Atlantic.


Filming for season two will take place in Dublin, Ireland, and the premiere is set to be held in 2015.

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