Penny Dreadful – Season one review

Penny Dreadful tv series posterThere, I’ve finished the first season of Penny Dreadful. Started to watch just because of the presence of Eva Green, the series has managed to captivate me from the first episode and made me to wait impatiently the appearance of the following episodes. Eva Green has continued to remain an important factor in the quality of the show (in my opinion), but didn’t represented the main attraction anymore, becoming only an integral part of a complex story. About this series I wrote in the past and if you have not already seen this show, I recommend you to stop reading next and go to read this instead, because I’ll generously share some major spoilers in the following lines, especially thoughts about season two of which I reported here. Even if you read further or not, I recommend you to not miss this show, because it’s great!


I really liked the mystical atmosphere of the film, each frame is heavy and gives the feeling that if you blink a little slower you’ll lose something important or if you breathe a little stronger you’ll wake up a monster out there that will come to get you. Also, it is a verse that remained in my mind long after viewing, just like Frankenstein: „No more let Life divide what Death CAN join together.” It seemed so deeply to me that I reflected for a while at this verse. 😀 Vanessa’s thought about Mina was also intense, she says: “Your father loves you very much and would do anything to save you. I love you in a different way. I love you enough to kill you.” Great!


There are many such thoughts and dialogues that have stucked in my mind for a long time, but it’s pointless to mention them all. Now that Mina was „resolved” by her father for good, I think the second season will be more about the story of Frankenstein, his monster, and the monster’s pair that doctor is creating, Brona. I was sure that she would be chosen to be revived to this eternal life, but not a moment I thought that Ethan is a werewolf. I was amazed when I saw the scene. Even if I were convinced that a character is more important than it seem, I would never have thought that he is a monster. Of course that Vanessa will continue to be at least as important as it was ’till now in this show, because I think the answer to the last question asked by the priest will be „NO!”… Why would you want to be normal when you can be special! 😉 I can’t wait for the next season!

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